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Is there a Google Front Page Myth?

I don’t know about you but I never thought about trying to get onto the first page of Google.  I have a driving school franchise and I wanted to be a bit selective in terms of only wanting people who wanted to learn with my group.  My website was therefore set up on the basis that I only needed to put aa colin blackpool into any search engine and up I came with and there I was on the front page.

I have also just started building up a Facebook page for myself and my business so it was only recently that I have been reading lots about getting onto the front page of Google.  A lot of the stuff written is a bit beyond me and I certainly wasn’t paying out any money so I just played around with a few keywords that I have now within a few minutes got to where I want to be.

A pupil might simply ask for a driving school or a driving instructor or driving lessons.  Up come thousands of responses to which beyond the first page you would not go.  My wife said she would only go for the best.  In my opinion and that of several of my pupils who have been with others, I am the best so that is what I built in.  All you have to do now is to seek the “best driving school blackpool” and bingo.

Is that the myth blown?

This is also a new thing having a blog.  I have never done this before other than writing a couple of comments on Squidoo so I will leave it there for a moment

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